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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

During this creative journey, you will join participants from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and Spain AFAD/UJEP/WEARME FASHION/TRENDYTEX/BOTTO GIUSEPPE/ORGANIC COTTON COLOURS/LAMPO ZIPPERS/TESSITURA TABORELLI

Students and faculty members of Czech and Slovakian educational institutions had the opportunity to establish connections with selected manufacturers from the WEARME FASHION network. The participants went on a 2,500 mile journey to acquire knowledge of the production cycle and to experiment with textile production directly on-site.

The WF Design program aims to encourage students from different disciplines to collaborate with each other in order to develop regionally oriented projects that create local market solutions and enable local citizens to use more high-quality and low-impact fashion garments developed by young fashion designers (good for the customers health and

for the enviroment).

In order to maximise student learning and the project value, universities, staff and faculty members have enabled students to cooperate, highlighting the basic values necessary to be successful in a highly competitive fashion marketplace, which include cooperation, idea sharing, knowledge and skills, flexibility and adaptability to the uncertainties of the creative field.

Barbora Peuch, AFAD professor, underlines unique points she sees in this cooperation:

„One of the most important parts of this project was also cooperation of the students form a Studio of Fashion Design, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and studio of Fashion and Textile Design, Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. Through the collaboration in the Project Zero Impact we deepened relationships between students and member of institutions and created a base for future cooperation, sharing and support of sustainable approaches in design of fashion.“

Summer Semester 2018/19 AFAD was dedicated to an expedition of five companions setting out together towards creative goals.

AFAD‘s enthusiastic young creators have expressed their personality and individual approaches in order to work together on the implementation of a joint design project called „Expedition“ with a core focus on Zero Impact Design practices. Barbora Peuch, coordinator of the Zero Impact project, added, “Each student invented an own background behind the clothes as a part of the whole story.”

Dominika Párnická (2nd year Bachelor studies)

SOLDIER – This collection of clothes was inspired by military garments and their practical side, as well as the element of fire. The character of the soldier was chosen because the soldier traditionally takes care of its companions’ safety. Each garment of the collection is made with zero waste.

Fabrics used from left to right (ORGANIC COTTON COLOURS; OCC & TRENDYTEX; BOTTO GIUSEPPE) Photo credit: Jana Budaiová

Natália Repkovská (2nd year Bachelor studies)

BOTANIST – A collection of clothes inspired by botany, leaves’ shapes and the element of earth. Buttons are handmade with plastic bottles and linen. All the fabrics were treated very carefully, in the most economical way. The character of the botanist was chosen as it brings strenuousness, adventure and kindness of the soul.

Fabrics used from left to right (ORGANIC COTTON COLOURS; OCC; BOTTO GIUSEPPE)

Photo credit: Jana Budaiová

Michaela Turanská (2nd year Bachelor studies)

YOGI – This collection of clothes was inspired by yogi and by the wind-moved clouds of the element of air. The dresses are very comfortable to wear and bring freedom for the body and the soul. The character of the yogi infuses spirituality to the companions of the expedition.

Fabrics used from left to right (TRENDYTEX; Leather + TRENDYTEX; TRENDYTEX & BOTTO GIUSEPPE) Photo credit: Jana Budaiová

Juliana Brnáková (2nd year Bachelor studies)

BUSINESSWOMAN – This collection of clothes was inspired by the office look and a lawyer‘s dress code, but it is usevil also for a members of an expedition. The element of water brings interesting details in cutting, affording comfortable movement and changes to the silhouette of the garments.

Fabrics used from left to right (TRENDYTEX & OCC & BOTTO GIUSEPPE; BG &OCC; TRENDYTEX &BG ) Photo credit: Jana Budaiová

Mgr. art. Maja Božović Bažík (1 st . year PhD. studies )

In progress

UJEP / VSVU at Unique Fashion Week Košice 2019

Barbora Peuch & Zuzana Šebeková

Video credit: European Fashion Accelerator / Kosice Fashion Week 2019

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